To Kill a Mocking Bird

‘An expression of timid curiosity was on his face, as though he had never seen a boy before. His mouth was slightly open, and he looked at Jem from head to foot. Boo’s hand came up, but he let it drop to his side.’

Here Harper Lee expresses Boo’s lack of knowledge and obliviousness towards the outside world and social situations. She describes him to HAVE an expression of timid curiosity which means that although he was eager and curious to know more, he was also timid and shy, almost unwilling too find out more information.  These unwilling actions hint that Boo has had bad experiences with people in his past. Harper Lee goes on to say, as though he had never seen a boy before. This is unusual, for everyone has come into some form of social contact within their life time. The average person comes into social contact often enough to not be surprised purely by the presence of another being. However, this is not the case for Boo Radely. This confirms Scout’s theory that he has remained in the Radely house without venturing out for a very, very long time. The author also describes his mouth as slightly ajar, which clearly shows Boo’s shock and that he looked at Jem from head to foot which expresses his curiosity and desire to learn more.

‘Boo’s hand came up, but he let it drop by his side’. Here it is evident that Boo Radely has a longing to touch Jem. It expresses that although he does not often come into contact with people, despite his past life trauma’s or whatever has made him so timid, deep down he has a longing to return to a life with regular social contact. However, he drops his hand and does not touch Jem despite his intense longing. This shows that Boo’s past life trauma’s are enough to overcome his longing.

In these three sentences, there are two descriptive statements which manage to join the sentences and gives them a somewhat rhythmic flow.